Weil-McLain Boilers

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Weil-McLain is one of the leading producers and designers gas and oil boilers. Weil-McLain boilers have a long and rich history and have been manufactured since 1881. Today they also carry air conditioners, furnaces and water heaters along with their famous Weil-McLain boilers. The 88 Series Weil-McLain boilers are meant for commercial use and feature the following attributes:

  • A power burner which can be used for gas, oil or a gas/oil combination
  • Available in water or steam
  • Three inches of insulation
  • Cast iron flue collar
  • 12-145 HP
  • 1010-5845 MBH Input
  • Available with or without a tankless heater
  • Complies with LEED standards

Weil-McLain boilers are reliability redefined

Weil-McLain boilers are built with energy efficiency in mind while focusing on low operating costs. Commercial boilers must be high efficiency as well as long lasting, and Weil-McLain delivers these characteristics at a fair price. They boast flexible systems with high thermal efficiency and easy installation.

If you're a commercial boiler user, whether a residential apartment complex or an educational solution, Weil-McLain boilers are the solution to your heating needs. Weil-McLain is focused on building the best products and making them last decades. Originally found only in the United States and Canada, Weil-McLain boilers are reaching across the world to Asia and beyond.

The expertise of the Weil-McLain team has made them an obvious choice for both commercial and residential consumers. With a strong and responsive support team, Weil-McLain boilers were created with the client in mind, ease of use and ease of maintenance are at the top of their list. When you choose Weil-McLain boilers for your institution, you choose form, function and quality.

American Boiler Company is pleased to offer Weil-McLain boilers for our commercial industry customers

From municipal governments to food processing plants, American Boiler Company is the number one choice when it comes to heating your facility. Contact us today for a free site survey and to find out if Weil-McLain boilers are right for you.

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