Oil to Gas Burner Conversions

The widening gap between oil and natural gas prices has contributed to a surge in interest in oil to gas, and oil to dual fuel burner conversions. Converting from oil to natural gas fuel has the potential to offer significant long-term savings. In addition, natural gas is a cleaner burning fuel, so there are environmental benefits as well.

If you’re considering an oil to gas conversion, please contact American Boiler Company first for a free evaluation. We will visit your site to determine your gas load, the type of equipment you have in place, and your need for additional utility services. We will work together with your local utility to assess whether or not any utility upgrades are required. After the utility work is completed, American Boiler Company will professionally replace your burner and make any necessary changes to your gas piping.

To learn more about the cost saving and environmental benefits of switching from oil to gas, please call us today at (973) 923-1999 for a free evaluation of your requirements.