Who Else Wants to Convert to Gas Heat?

Heating oil prices are on the rise, and many facilities are starting to recognize the advantages of oil to gas conversion for their boilers. A combined heat and power system can also save your building a lot of money. Here we look at how you can see significant savings with both oil to gas conversions and combined heat and power systems.

Oil to Gas Conversions

Oil to gas conversions may be firm or dual fuel. A firm oil to gas conversion uses only gas while a dual fuel conversion uses both gas and oil. Dual fuel is best if you live in a colder part of the country – when gas demand is high, you can revert back to using oil. If your facility is thinking of oil to gas conversions, you’ll need to have American Boiler Company establish your gas load requirements.

Gas load requirements depend on factors such as the size of your building. Certain renovations may be necessary for oil to gas conversions, such as:

  • Construction of a gas meter room
  • Extra gas piping
  • A larger gas main

Oil to gas conversions for boilers make for a safer heating system as well as reduce your energy costs. American Boiler Company can help you decide which type of oil to gas conversion is right for you.

Combined Heat and Power

After making an oil to gas conversion, you may want to look into combined heat and power systems to save even more money. Two kinds of energy are generated with a combined heat and power system, namely heat and power. This is both more efficient and less expensive than standard systems which separate these two utilities.

While the initial cost of a combined heat and power system is rather pricy, you should be able to recoup your costs through energy savings in three years or less. A combined heat and power system can also be used as a backup generator when power from the electricity company is interrupted. If your facility has a year-round demand for hot water and uses at least 75kW of electricity a day, you’re a good a candidate for a combined heat and power system.

American Boiler Company is here to help you decide if oil to gas conversions and/or a combined heat and power system is right for your facility. When you contact our office we’ll provide you with a free analysis and assist you in making the choice which will save you the most money and reduce your environmental impact.