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Our customers operate in a wide range of industries, but one characteristic is common to all of them: Their building, plant or facility consumes a large amount of energy for heating or cooling. American Boiler Company partners with our customers to evaluate various options for meeting this demand for energy. We draw upon our experience working with commercial and industrial customers in New York and New Jersey to propose cost effective solutions that provide value over the long term.

Projects Completed by American Boiler Company

744 Broad Street, Newark. May 2014 Installation of (2) 400 HP Steam Boilers & (1) Weil-McLain Steam Boiler

The National Newark Building at 744 Broad Street has been the tallest building in Newark since its construction 1931. Although the 34 story building underwent a major renovation 12 years ago, the boilers were not upgraded at that time. In 2014 American Boiler Company, removed the three existing boilers and replaced them with two 400 HP Best Boilers. A Weil-McLain cast iron sectional boiler was added for domestic hot water service. The project included the installation of 300 feet of 6 piping to convert the heating plant from one that used only #6 fuel oil, to one that is capable of running primarily on natural gas, with #2 fuel oil as a backup fuel.

Watergate Condominium Association, Maple Shade. May 2014 Installation of 6 High Efficiency Condensing Boilers and Related Equipment

Watergate Condominiums consists of 356 residential units. American Boiler Company removed and replaced the boilers in two of the complexs boiler rooms. In total, six Weil-McLain boilers were installed along with 10 Weil-McLain indirect water heaters. Circulating pumps, air separators, unit heaters, expansion tanks, back flow preventers, and pressure regulating valves were also installed.

Bergen Regional Medical Center, Paramus. November 2013 Heating and domestic hot water plant upgrades.

American Boiler Company completed various upgrades to the facilities at Bergen Regional Medical Center. These upgrades include the installation of a heat transfer station, a circulating pump, heat exchangers, condensate return systems, steam regulating valves, and a Cemline high capacity instant water heater. American Boiler Company performed this work as a subcontractor to Excelsior Plumbing Co., Inc.

Hallmark House Apartments, Newark. April 2013 Installation of (2)- 4 Million BTU Water Boilers

The Hallmark House is a 23 story, multifamily apartment building. American Boiler Company installed two new 4 million BTU water boilers with dual fuel capability after removing an existing Cleaver-Brooks fire tube boiler. The installation included a Fulton ModSync boiler control system and program.

Colonnade Apartments, Newark. April 2013 Installation of (4) Dual Fuel Heating Boilers

The Colonnade Apartment Complex consists of two 22 story multifamily apartment buildings that are adjacent to each other. There is one boiler room that is common to both buildings. American Boiler Company, installed four new dual fuel boilers and a Fulton ModSync boiler control system after removing a Federal fire tube boiler and related equipment.

Sun Pharmaceutical, Cranbury. April 2013 Installation of 3 Million BTU High Efficiency Condensing Boiler

Sun Pharmaceutical is a global pharmaceutical company. Their manufacturing facility in Cranbury NJ requires precise climate control for their manufacturing process. American Boiler Company installed a high efficiency condensing boiler to provide heat balancing to the entire climate control system. The installation included an advance boiler control system, sensors, motorized zone and isolation valves as well as vent piping. Gas piping, supply and return piping were also installed as required.

Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). New York City. January 2013 to present - Gas booster pump installation, boiler and burner maintenance and repairs, and re-tubing.

American Boiler Company maintains the boilers at the DEA facility located at 99 10thAvenue. Completed work over the past 18 months has included: the replacement of an Eclipse booster pump with a Group D explosion proof motor; R-1 welding repairs; rebuilding the burner of a Cleaver-Brooks boiler; and annual boiler service and cleaning with combustion analysis. American Boiler Company performed this work as a subcontractor to Comfort Zone Mechanical.

Center for Jewish History, New York City. December 2012 - Installation of piping for chiller system.

This project involved the installation of a modular chiller. American Boiler Company, installed piping for the heat exchanger, modular chiller, and circulating pumps. American Boiler Company also participated in the installation of the chiller, and welded piping. American Boiler Company performed this work as a subcontractor to Comfort Zone Mechanical.

MTA Staten Island Railway, Staten Island. November 2012 - Super Strom Sandy Recovery Project Rebuild (2) 200 HP Cleaver Brooks Steam Boilers and related equipment.

The MTA Clifton Shop Rail Yard in Staten Island was severely flooded during Super Storm Sandy. American Boiler Company was selected to rebuild the entire boiler plant and replace the heating and ventilation systems throughout the entire facility. This was a complex project and had to be completed under extreme time lines. American Boiler Company successfully restored heating to the facility within 3 days and over the next four months completed the entire project. The (2) Cleaver Brooks boilers were totally overhauled. A new Preferred Instruments Control System, new boiler feed pumps, motorized louvers and (32) new unit heaters were also installed. American Boiler Company performed this work as a subcontractor to Lighton Industries Inc.

100 Chadwick Ave., Newark. August 2012 Installation of (1) Combined Heat and Power System

For a 120 unit multifamily apartment building, American Boiler Company installed a 75kW Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system. The natural gas driven turbine of the CHP unit produces both electricity and hot water. The heat produced by the electrical generator is captured and used to heat domestic hot water for the building. This project also involved the installation of TACO plate heat exchangers, circulating pumps, storage tanks, controls and fabrication of a platform with railing.

Pavilion Apartments, Newark. July 2012 Installation of (6) Dual Fuel Boiler Systems

For an apartment complex consisting of two 22 story multifamily apartment buildings, American Boiler Company installed six new Fulton boilers with dual fuel capability. In addition to the Fulton boilers, American Boiler Company also installed two new steam gas fired boilers to service the air handling units in both buildings, six primary circulating pumps with high efficiency variable speed drives and stainless steel venting systems. (For more information, see the our Case Studies).

Hallmark House, Newark. March 2012 - Riser Repairs, Chiller Repairs & Installation of Air Conditioning System

For a 23 story multifamily apartment building, American Boiler Company, removed and replaced three heating and cooling risers from the ground floor to the 23rdfloor. In addition, 6 butterfly isolation valves, safety relief valves and insulation for the chiller located in the boiler room were replaced. A new Air Conditioning System was installed to serve the building lobby area. This project required the installation of piping, valves, fittings, thermometers, gauges and controls as required.

Colonnade Apartments, Newark. March 2012 - Air Handling & Ventilation System Repairs

This project includedthe removal and replacement of the shafts and bearings in two Trane Air Handling Units as well as the replacement of the coils. The units were dismantled to facilitate the repairs. In addition, new controls and automatic zone valves were installed.

Food Processing Plant, Newark. October 2011 Installation of 100 HP Cleaver-Brooks Steam Boiler & Superheated Dryer.

American Boiler Company installed gas piping, steam supply piping, condensate return piping, a boiler feed pump system, stainless steel vent piping and a Cleaver-Brooks boiler economizer system used to pre-heat boiler feed water. The superheater is used in the processing of food grade flavoring powders.

Alcoa Power and Propulsion, Dover. August 2011, October 2012 - Heat exchanger repair.

American Boiler Company repaired coils for Alcoas specialized drying furnace used in the process of fabricating molds. The heat exchanger was responsible for maintaining climate control in the commercial grade oven.

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton. June 2011 Smoke Stack Replacement

This project involved the replacement of a 20 stainless steel smoke stacks that extended 14 above the roof. The installation of guy wires, thimble, flashing and cap was required. The stack was manufactured by MetalFab and was double wall stainless steel. The stack served a 200HP Cleaver-Brooks steam boiler used in the laboratory.

Carteret Board of Education, Carteret. September 2008 Present. Upgrades to heating plant and ongoing boiler maintenance and repairs at Carteret High School and Nathan Hale Elementary School.

American Boiler Company technicians installed (2) 250 HP Cleaver-Brooks steam boilers, (1) Bell & Gossett heat transfer system, (1) BFS triplex condensate return and boiler feed system, and stainless steel vent piping at Carteret High School. For Carterets Nathan Hale Elementary School, American Boiler Company technicians also installed (1) Enervex draft inducer used to maintain proper drafting for (2) Smith heating boilers. The Enervex system includes an electronic digital control system that measures the draft in inches of water column. American Boiler Company continues to provide annual boiler service and cleanings of the boilers at Carteret High School and Nathan Hale Elementary.