Five Common Pitfalls that Affect Boiler Efficiency

boiler efficiency

Boiler efficiency is affected by and related to many things – the age of your boiler, the size, and even the controls it uses. American Boiler Company can help your building increase its boiler efficiency by helping you recognize these common pitfalls.

1. Your boiler is oversized

An oversized boiler is both inefficient and more costly than a properly sized boiler. They waste fuel and end up shortening the life of your system. An optimally sized boiler will cycle properly and save fuel, thereby increasing your overall boiler efficiency. Replacing a single, large boiler with smaller modular boilers is another way to increase your boiler efficiency and avoid an oversized boiler.

2. Your boiler needs to be cleaned

As with any machine or appliance, your boiler needs regular cleaning to work properly and efficiently. A dirty combustion chamber affects the heat exchanger’s ability to transfer heat, and fans and blowers can have dirt build up which also affect your boiler efficiency. American Boiler Company can professionally maintain your commercial boiler in order to increase boiler efficiency and keep minor problems from becoming major ones.

3. Your boiler is too old

The typical boiler has a life of about 20-30 years. Once it gets too far past this, you’ll need to make a visual inspection of the boiler to determine whether or not your boiler efficiency is affected by its age. Things such as rust, leaks and old burners can dramatically decrease boiler efficiency and should help you decide if your boiler needs to be replaced or simply repaired.

4. You need variable frequency drives

A variable frequency drive is an automatic control for your commercial boiler. It allows the boiler’s fans to operate at lower speeds when needed, saving your boiler from outputting too much energy when it’s not necessary. Standard controls feature a constant airflow output despite the boiler load, which translates to higher energy costs for you. Boiler efficiency can be increased by installing variable frequency drives.

5. Your boiler has insufficient insulation

When your boiler is improperly insulated, heat can leak from it and dramatically decrease your boiler efficiency. With the correct boiler insulation, heat loss can be minimized and heating costs can be lowered. If your boiler insulation is old, you may want to have it replaced to ensure proper boiler efficiency.

American Boiler Company specializes in professionally maintaining commercial boilers. We strive to increase boiler efficiency and decrease energy costs in order to save you money and prevent you from losing money with your heating system.

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